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Mixed Breed


 2-3 Years Old

Medium shedding



My Characteristics


Sweet, friendly, protective mom, strong personality

Social Levels:

Good with people, older kids, selective with dogs. Not cat tested.

Activity Levels:

Medium activity  

Training Levels: 


What she needs to work on:

leash walking, dog reactivity

Rescuer: Tamara 

Shelter: Buddah's Pack


Medical Needs: 

Recovering from surgery


My Story

Hello, I'm Daisy.

I am only 2 years old but my 1st few years were horrible!

was abandoned in a rough neighborhood and taken in by a man who tied me up in a parking lot and used me for breeding in attempts to make money off my babies. 

I was severely neglected by this man, I had so many ticks and fleas on my body that my fur had fallen out to due my allergy and to top that off I also had an allergy to something that gave me sores all over my body. Regardless of my pain, severely emancipated and starving, he still continued to breed me.  

In June 2022 I had another litter this time I had 9 puppies... except this time 7 of them died  because I was way too weak to care for them. 

My life started to change the day a kind man passed by me, he took pictures and reported what he saw.

Oat and Spike are my only remaining puppies and I protect them with everything I have got, but don't let my momma bear attitude fool you, I am a true sweetheart who is just dying to know what the love of my very own human, a warm bed and full belly feels like. I recently had to have a surgery to clean out an infection I got after my ovariohysterectomy and am heling up at the same foster home my boys are healing at too.

 I hope my sons Spike and Oat find their homes soon.

they were only around one month old when we were rescued, are 6-7 months old now and don't deserve to grow up in the shelter, even though it is a better place than with that man it is still not something I want for them to have to do.  If you're looking for a dog under 1 year old maybe you could go check them out too?

My Ideal family:

I would do best in a family with older respectful kids,  home or apartment. A family with a male dog or no pets at all.  Experienced adopters with alfa female or at least good background with rescued dogs 


Fun Fact about Daisy from Karla:
She is a momma bear and when approaching Oat or Spike, get ready to have Daisy's eyes on you!


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