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Mixed Breed



 2 years Old

  Low shedding

Needs to be Neutered


My Characteristics


Sweet, friendly, shy, anxious 

Social Levels:

good with people, respectful kids,     respectful dogs, cats

Activity Levels:

High energy

Training Levels: 


What he needs to work on:

walk on a leash, to be house-broken, socialising

Medical needs:



Rescuer: Tamara

Paid Boardin: Pascale


My Story

Hey, my name is Oat!

The ladies who visit my foster home say that I'm the man of the house. 

My story isn't a long one, as I am only 6-7 months old, but when I was born my mom was owned by a horrible man who used her to get money by selling her babies. I had 7 siblings who didn't make it long as my mom was very weak when she had us. Only my brother Spike and I survived. 

One day a kind man was walking by and saw my mom he took pictures and told people who could help us what he had seen. All of us were very weak when we were rescued, but the amazing kind lady Pascale took great care of us and got us, and we got stronger. 

We did end up having to be moved to a separate spot in the shelter to keep us safe, because our mom kept getting into arguments with the other female dogs.

Not long ago I started feeling icky and because my brother Spike, had just been diagnosed with Giardia the ladies were on the look out for signs in me so I was taken to the vet and the humans were given medication they need to give me for me to feel better again, so I was moved from the shelter to my foster home where I am staying with my  brother, mom and a couple of other really awesome dogs around my age who are looking for their humans too!

It would be really cool if I didn't have to grow up in a foster home or the shelter, some of the other dogs there were born there and say that it is safer than the streets but not a fully safe place to grow up in. 

My Ideal Family:

I would do best in a family where I can be the centre of attention, an adopter with experience with rescue dogs that can help me learn how the world works.  If the family does have children, older ones would be best.

Fun Fact about Oat from Team Lebanon:
He is definitely the man of the house, but always under the watchful eye of his momma Daisy.


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