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Become a Sponsor

There are so many different ways that you can help be a light in the life of a Lebanese Shelter Dog!


Food + Treats!

You can give the dogs toys to play with,  treats to enjoy or even keep their bellies full by sponsoring their food for a month or more!

You can find the toys and treats on our Amazon Wishlist!


Although the dogs are safe off the streets, they still lack many things a dog living in a home would have, like beds, food bowls, leashes and collars among many other things.

You can visit our Amazon Wishlist to find those items!



Not all of our dogs are medical cases, but that does not mean they don't need you! If you would like you can still help them out by sponsoring their next vet's visit, keep their vaccines up to date, or their deworming and flee cycle prevention.

Shelter Renovations

You can help us make our dream for them come true!

The shelter may be a new location for the dogs but it still needs a lot of work done to it, so that it can be more than just a place for them to wait to get noticed. We would like to get it to a place where they can enjoy their stays until the big day when they finally leave us and start their new lives!



S.T.A.R Program

The sad reality in Lebanon is that most puppies are born to die.  Either due to the elements and lack of food, or at the hands of cruel humans who find joy in harming them. For reasons we will just NEVER understand. We hope to help put an end to this cruelty through our Sterilize Tag And Release Program, we will be launching this program soon so stay tuned! 



Buddah's Pack Shelter

Options to Help

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Sponsor to change a life

Team CWS has put together a Sponsorship Program, where you can help by Sponsoring one of the dogs at the Buddha's pack Shelter or a couple of rescued dogs boarding at Furrtastic by Edwin!  

CWS will soon target also the strays in the areas where the group mostly operates so stay tuned.

The economic situation in Lebanon is in shambles and has been for a few years now.  Many shelters are at full capacity and when one dog is lucky enough to find a home there is no shortage of dogs to fill their spot within seconds. 


We hope that with this program we can help ease the financial load for the shelter we are currently assisting as a lot of dogs are dropped off by owners who just never return for their dogs and with 20+ mouths to feed the shelter needs help.

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A titer test is needed for a dog to be adopted in EU countries to ensure that the dog is vaccinated against rabies.

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You can also Sponsor a
dog's surgery

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Buddah's Pack Shelter is in need of work, we want to create a space for them to enjoy and not just exist in while they wait to find their happily ever afters. 

However there are always bills and any support to help give them a home and not just a place is beyond appreciated!

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