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CWS Medical Cases

Donate. Sponsor. Advocate. 

CWS has started a Sponsorship Program to help the rescuers cover the costs of the dogs who require medical care. The pups below range in needs from antibiotics for infections, to surgeries, to help them live their lives free of physical pain. The past few years have been a struggle just to feed the dogs, however the sad reality is that some cases will deteriorate if we do not take action NOW while time is still on their side. 

We currently have 8 dogs who need pressing medical attention and we cannot do it without your help!

If you would still like to help the dogs but cannot afford to help cover a medical case you can always head to our Sponsorship Page where you can find all of the other ways you can help them out too!

We have done our best to describe the medical issues

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Eye removal surgery.

It is the surgical procedure that involves the removal to the entire globe and it's intraocular contents, with the preservation of all the other periorbital and orbital structures.


Distal Femoral Surgery. 

It is a technique performed to realign the quadriceps mechanism by correcting  the femoral Varus deformity. 

It is a surgery performed on dogs to stabilize the stifle joint after ruptures of the cranial cruciate ligament. 


Double Pelvic Osteotomy. 

It is performed on dogs with femoral head subluxation due to increased dorsal acetabular rim slope and/or excessive joint laxity.

Luxating Patella:

This occurs when the dogs kneecap (patella), which normally sits on the groove of the thighbone (femur) shifts out of alignment.

◆ Castration:

Neutering is the common term used to describe the surgical procedure during which both testicles are removed in order to sterilize (make infertile) a male dog. 

◆ Ovariohysterectomy:

Spaying the more common term used to describe the surgical procedure during which the dogs reproductive ovaries and uterus are removed.


It is a type of physiotherapy where certain exercises can be preformed by the dogin water under the watchful eyes of a trained hydrotherapist. 

◆Ischial Fracture:

Pelvic Fracture.

The Ischial is one out of 3 bones in the Pelvis.

These types of fractures normally occur after an accident with a vehicle and generally cause severe (acute) non weight-bearing lameness in the hind legs.



It involves different techniques to help the dog regain better use of their limbs, reduce pain, limit or prevent disability and improve their mobility. 




◆ Giardia:

It is a single cell parasite that lives in a dogs intestines. It can affect older dogs but it is most frequently seen in puppies. They become infected when they swallow Giardia that may be present in water or other substances that have been soiled with feces. 

◆Coxo-Femoral Joint:

It is a ball and socket joint which is made up of the highest joint in the thigh bone (femoral head)

and the pelvis cavity


◆ FHO:

Femoral Head Ostectomy.

It is a type of orthopedic surgery that removes hip pain and restores mobility.

It is normally done when a hip is diseased or damaged by removing the head and neck of the thighbone (femur).


A professional who uses water to help treat conditions such as arthritis or partial paralysis

◆Hip Dysplasia:

It is a disease of the hip where the ball and socket are malformed, which means that the ball and socket don't meet up properly so the joints rub and grind instead of moving smoothly

◆Bilateral Hip Fracture:

Bilateral-affecting both sides

They are cause by the result of a high impact trauma and require FHO surgery to remove the pain.


Electrical Stimulation.

It is a type of physiotherapy where low levels of electrical currents are administered to a muscle or a muscle group, most commonly on a limb,

normally recommended when a dog has had significant muscle injury, decrease in size or wasting away or progressive decline of a body part or tissue (atrophy)

or recent surgery.

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