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Lab Mix


2 Years Old

Low shedding




In Rehab under the supervision of RAD


My Characteristics


 Playful, eager to please

Social Levels:

Good with people & animals once trusted, NO kids

Activity Levels:

High energy, loves to play with toys, chew bones, play with other dogs

Training Levels: 

Basic obedience, muzzle trained, walks amazing on leash, potty trained

What he needs to work on:

His confidence with humans, he can be reactive due to his insecurity, Separation Anxiety with his human, resource guarding- he no longer guards his food with his trainer but in the decompression period after adoption it may return till he is comfortable 

 *Experienced, Patient, and Committed adopters ONLY

Medical Needs: 


Allow us to RE-introduce you all to Hank! On our socials he has been called Hadiz but we all agreed that name doesn't fit him well, so, say hi to Hank!

 My Story


I have been through a lot in my young life. I have experienced awful abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to love and care for me back in Lebanon over and over again.  By the time I turned 1 human year old I had been beaten by my 1st family, sent to an incompetent training facility by my second and then abandoned infront of a shelter tied to a garbage bin with a muzzle around my mouth.

But my story gets better!

I am now, finally, decompressing the way I should have with my AMAZING foster momma!


I have made leaps and strides with the help of a trainer and my amazing foster mom who calls me her good boy. She says I am misunderstood, not harmful. I am so eager to please, love my walks, am wonderful with other dogs during proper interactions. Before traveling to Canada and meeting her I spent 3 months with a behaviorist in Lebanon because I can be fearful of humans... but who wouldn't be after what I have been through?

Recently I was sent to Berger Blanc because of a bite incident at my new foster, I was about to be euthanised. Luckily RAD pulled me out at the right time and now I am in rehab under their supervision


My adopter will need to be consistent with my healing process. I will require an adopter who can understand my needs, personality and body language easily. Otherwise I might go Back to Lebanon for y own good.


My ideal family:

I would do best in a home with someone who works from home most of the time, living in a house with a fenced yard. Very well experienced with reactive insecure dogs.

I would even love to have another balanced dog as a brother or sister!

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