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Mixed Breed


4 Years Old

Low shedding




My Characteristics


 Affectionate, Social, Loyal

Social Levels:

Good with people, good with dogs & respectful cats

Activity Levels:

Low, he likes to walk, play with toys, chew bones, playing at the park, with dogs and kids

Training Levels: 

Basic obedience 

What he needs to work on:


Rescuer: Pascale

Shelter: Buddah's Pack

Medical Needs: 



My Story


I was born in Lebanon and am 4 years old. I am  a super affectionate dog! With me around it is impossible to be alone on the couch, I will stick to you like glue once my trust has been earned!

I get along well with other dogs and people. 

On a leash I am an absolute sweetheart, I listen well and do not pull too much unless I see an animal, those things are crafty and you can't let them think they've got the upper hand! I must be in a fenced or tied up yard because I may tend to run away so getting me a tracker would be essential in keeping me safe as well. I am very low energy but don't get me wrong I still enjoy my walks.  

I got an injury to my right hind leg while living in Lebanon, which is only noticeable if I get tired as I do limp a bit, but this does not prevent me from from going for a walks or playing. 

I believe that I would be a great family dog. Once I knows I am safe, you will have a best friend for life in this me!

                                                                                       ‼️Ollie's story as told by his rescuer‼️

Ollie was a very scared young pup (8 to 9 months old) found when I used to feed strays in his area. He was scared of older dogs and was hiding instead next to a small room used by immigrants as a hideout and eating leftovers along with another cat which were mostly vegetable based. 

When I started feeding him, he would eat and run back to his hiding spot because at times, the older dogs were bullying him. 
I thought he was safe near the room and kept visiting him 2 to 3 times a week just to get him to eat meat.

When as a young dog, he started playing with flowers planted by the wife, the husband residing in that shelter room decided to get rid of him somewhere far. So I rescued him because he is not one to defend himself against bigger dogs or humans. 

He felt safe when the shelter keeper defended him against other dogs until he started becoming more confident by the day. He is so gentle and so loving of the humans he trusts. He was the only dog I took out for a ride in the car, who would look forward to going back to the facility. 

He would jump out of the car and back to the enclosure where his gentle fur friends were. 

He is approximately 3 years old now and only knew shelter life so far. He needs a chance to get to know that there is more to life for him and his mates. 

He was once let out of his enclosure at 3 years old and he kept having zoomies, happy to be running longer distances than his usual space. 

While vetting him to travel to Canada, we found out he tends to limp on the right back side which the vet checked and cleared as inoperable as well as not painful as the muscle is dead. It is the result of an old fracture while he was a baby and which went unnoticed and unfixed.

He is good with respectful cats *of course with proper introduction*, dogs, kids of all ages very cuddly and affectionate, potty trained, walks well on a leash and he is a great companion.

Open your hearts for this sweetheart


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