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2 Years Old

Medium shedding


17 kgs/37.5lbs

Mixed Breed

My Characteristics


Strong, cuddly, smart, resourceful, imposing

barker, jealous, bossy, dominant, anxious

Social Levels:

Good with people, older kids, selective with dogs, good with respectful cats

Activity Levels:

Medium energy, loves to play on her own time & terms

Training Levels: 

basic training

What she needs to work on:

 to respect other dogs' boundaries, dominance

Rescuer: Yasmine Dagher, 100% Ferdinand, CWS, Mount Lebanon shelter.

Paid Boarding: Buddah's Pack


Medical Needs: 



My Story

Lily was found roaming the streets of Beirut, exhausted, fearful and lost! She was scared of humans and dogs. Luckily, The kind crew of a service shop nearby used to care for her so she slowly regained her trust. Until one day a neighbor threatened to kill her. WE had to take her off the street. IT TOOK A VILLAGE and great team efforts to save her and provide for her wellbeing and safety!

She has been at Pascale’s boarding facility since March, and with her help, she turned from a scared puppy, to a confident and fearless dog. Lily is friendly with most dogs, as long as they respect her personal space . She loves cuddles and attention, and of course treats .

This girl will shower her guardians with hugs and steal everyone's attention !! Open your hearts for this unique princess


My Ideal Family:

Lily is looking for a forever home filled with love and belly rubs. Ready to show her boundaries and structure, work with her and be committed to her progress. A family with older kids, calm and respectful dog is possible but better if she is the only dog.

Fun Fact about Lily
She is definitely the boss at the boarding!

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