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  Chiens chez notre refuge partenaire

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   au Liban


          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  Dogs in forever homes

-certains par l'intermédiaire d'organisations canadiennes-


Des chiens à l'adoption


Quick rundown of our achievements

Despite the hardships and lockdowns, we have so far achieved:

  • Establishing presence in Canada through our Team of volunteers.

  • 100+ dogs found homes in Canada through several Canadian organizations over a period of 3+ years.

  • 50+ dogs found homes in Canada through our Canadian team and partner in three months - before the CFIA implemented the ban.

  • 45+ dogs were neutered/spayed via a spaying program funded by international, mostly Canadian, organizations and individual donors.

  • 30+ abused and shelter dogs have undergone critical surgeries with the help of international organizations and individual donors.

  • 25+ dogs are under our direct care.

  • Decreased the number of dogs at Buddha’s Pack (BP) shelter by 80% over a span of one year.

  • Food donations for BP’s shelter, stray dogs and cats

  • Relocated and fixed BP’s new facility

  • Coordinated transportation for the dog's appointments/airport/boarding and medical follow-ups.

  • Selected by the DODO to be featured on their Heros' Channel   

Entre nos fondateurs, ils ont sauvé et aidé à envoyer plus de 100 chiens au Canada au cours des dernières années. 

En raison de l'interdiction qui, selon l'ACIA, serait mise en œuvre le 28 septembre 2022, les chiens de sauvetage comme ceux-ci ne sont plus autorisés à entrer au Canada.

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Chiens transportés au Canada au cours des derniers mois

Ange de vol : Carla Q


Flight Angel : Céline A


Ange de vol : Lezly K


Ange de vol : Roula C


Ange de vol : Carla Q


Ange de vol : Carla Q

Ange de vol : Carla Q


Ange de vol : Hussein 


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