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Roosevelt - Recovered

Papillion Mix


 3-4 Years 

Medium shedding



My Characteristics


 Shy, scared, weary, smart, introvert, cuddly, lap dog

Social Levels:

Good with people & kids after a while, some dogs,

ok with respectful cats

Activity Levels:

Escape artist, lively

Training Levels: 

Potty trained

What he needs to work on:

Socializing, desensitizing, walking on leash (undergoing)

Rescuer: Pascale

Shelter: Buddah's Pack

Medical Needs: 

has a metal implant in his hind leg


My Story

Hey, my name is Roosevelt and just like my 6 siblings I am a small sized pup.

Our mama was rescued when she was shot, ears cropped, and tail broken. She is a papillon mixed who was savagely abused. Luckily, after a long time at the shelter, she got adopted and now trying to regain her trust in humans in Canada! Maybe one day we will get to know what a warm home, full belly and a family all of our own is like too...

I was born at a crowded shelter, with another 60+ dogs. In turn I was never properly socialized, am fearful, an ESCAPE ARTIST, anxious, and it REALLY takes me long to get accustomed to human touch and cuddles.

With the big boys at the shelter, the 7 of us had to grow up really quickly and learn to defend ourselves in order to survive. My bark is bigger than my bite but that is bound to change once I am properly introduced to life outside the shelter and know that I have a loving patient human who has my back and is willing to use their human voice to keep me safe!

I was diagnosed with DFO in both of my hind legs along with needing a DPO  which I will require surgery for.  but now I am complelty healed and pain free. 

My Ideal Family: 

I would do well in a patient & experienced family with older kids or a couple living in an apartment or fenced yard, ready to work with skittish and shy who may get me a tracker to keep me that little bit safer too! 

Fun Fact about Roosevelt from Karla:
Tiny but mighty, he is the leader in his threesome pack. Would make us run a marathon before we catch him, but outside of his element he is fearful & hides between our legs.


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