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Papillion Mix

Ronald - Recovering 


 3 -4 Years Old

 Medium shedding



My Characteristics


Anxious, weary, scared, smart,

Social Levels:

Good with kids & people after a while, good with respective dogs, not tested with cats

Activity Levels:

active, escape artist

Training Levels: 

walks well on leash

What he needs to work on:

Socializing, desensitizing,

& Potty training

Medical Needs:

Patellar Luxation Surgery Done


Rescuer: Pascale

Shelter: Buddah's Pack


My Story

Hello, my name is Ronald, and I am one of the 7 siblings born at Buddah's Pack Shelter after our mom was rescued!

She was rescued after she was shot, ears cropped, and tail broken. She is a papillon mixed who was savagely abused. Luckily, after a long time at the shelter, she got adopted and now trying to regain her trust in humans in Canada! We are all so happy for our mom, and hope we can get the same chance as she has gotten some day...

I was born at a crowded shelter, with another 60+ dogs, so along with having to fend for myself I was never properly socialized, I am fearful, a pretty good ESCAPE ARTIST, anxious, and it REALLY takes me long to get accustomed to human touch and cuddles just like my siblings.

My tough guy attitude is bound to change once I am properly introduced to life outside the shelter and have structure in my life along with the love of a kind caring family like the one our momma was blessed with.

I recently went to the vet and was diagnosed with Patella Luxation. I will need surgery to be able to walk without pain but after that I should be better than I have ever been! 

My Ideal Family:

Family with older kids or no kids living in a house with high fenced yard or an apartment. An adopter experienced with anxious dogs or someone willing to put the extra efforts to teach me how to face the big scary world. 

Fun Fact about Ronald from Vanessa:
He loves his corner and prefers peace and  meditation over the chaotic tribe he is living with.


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