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Papillion Mix


 3 Years Old

Medium shedding



My Characteristics


 Anxious, smart, lively, shy

Social Levels:

Good with people & kids after a while, some dogs, not tested with cats

Activity Levels:

Hyperactive, escape artist 

Training Levels: 

good on leash

What he needs to work on:

Socializing, desensitizing, potty training

Rescuer: Pascale

Shelter: Buddah's Pack


Medical Needs: 



My Story

Hi, the name is Rayan -pronounced Ryan- and I am a small sized pup who is part of a litter of 7 siblings!

Our mom was rescued when she was shot, ear cropped, and tail broken. She is a papillon mix who was savagely abused. Luckily, after a long time at the shelter, she got adopted and now trying to regain her trust in humans in Canada!

Do you think that we will get that same chance???

The kind ladies call me a munchkin, not sure what that means but the humans say it with love so it can't be a bad thing. I was born at a crowded shelter, with another 60+ dogs.  I was never properly socialized, and I am quite fearful, a master ESCAPE ARTIST, I am anxious. at the new House I have learned to trust people more & I can get pets & cuddles.

With the big boys at the shelter, me & my pack had to fend for ourselves in order to survive. My fearful attitude is bound to change once I am properly introduced to life outside the shelter, have structure and someone who understands that I will need to really decompress as getting adopted will be a HUGE change for me.

My Ideal Family:

Family with older or no kids living in an apartment or a house with a high fenced yard. Active adopter who loves the outdoors and experienced with anxious dogs or willing to put the work to teach me how to live in the real big scary world.

Fun Fact about Rayan from Vanessa:
He can always be found following his brother Roosevelt around & is the 1st to chime in if Roosevelt starts to bark at something.


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