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Mixed Breed


 5-6 Years Old

 low shedding



My Characteristics


Sweet, fearful, cuddly, can snap if scared, playful, loves to stay close to her human   

Social Levels:

good with people, elective with dogs, no kids. Not cat tested

Activity Levels:

Medium energy, loves care rides and chilling with the family

Training Levels: 


What she needs to work on:

reactivity to sudden movement, resource guarding

Rescuer: Pascale

Shelter: Buddah's Pack


Medical Needs: 



My Story

Hello, my name is Lucky.

I used to spend my days sniffing around the garbage dispensers where I roamed.  My rescuer used to feed me food whenever she passed by me too, it definitely tasted better than the stuff I found on my own.  She checked my belly and realized that I must have had puppies, but none showed up, or were found in the area.  Soon, I was the one who decided that she was going to be my rescuer. I followed her car all the way to her apartment. I hunkered down in the area close by and refused to go anywhere, I knew she was who I wanted to be with!  

She managed to talk her parents into bringing me in off the streets at least until she could find me a safe place through an NGO or any other channel.  The took me to the vet to make sure I was healthy, and the vet noticed that my jaw had an old fracture * if you haven't noticed in my pictures this is the reason behind my silly smile with my jaw being tilted to one side* 

Unfortunately, my rescuer's dad isn't a huge fan of pets and I'm not too fond of men, so she had to send me away, and that is how I came to be part of Buddah's Pack.

My rescuer wanted me to be close enough where she can still visit me.  She says that I am a really amazing dog, but I do need my space and for those around me to respect my boundaries and that people should let me approach them.

*No close contact before I fully trust you, please*  

I am so thankful that my rescuer understood that I snap when I get scared with sudden hand movements or cuddles out of nowhere not that I'm being mean, living on the streets of Lebanon and fending for myself and the puppies I lost. 

Once I approach you to ask for your attention please remember to be subtle and gentle, I am not a huge dan of men and tend to snap at them when they get too close to me rescuer keeps saying that I must have been physically abused for her to act that way towards men, especially those wear masks...but I promise once you have proven to me that you mean no harm at all I am capable of massive amounts of love!


My Ideal Family:

I would do best in a family with no kids living, in an apartment or house. I would love to chill & get cuddles all to myself! 

Fun Fact about Lucky from Carla:
She Loves to have her own bed & doesn't like sharing it!


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