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  6 Years Old

  Medium Shedding




Mixed Breed

My Characteristics


Shy, weary of strangers, cuddly, introvert   

Social Levels:

Good with people, dogs after proper introduction but is not very tolerant of kids. Not cat tested

Activity Levels:

Active likes playing with other dogs 

Training Levels: 


What he needs to work on:

Leash walking, socializing, confidence and trust in people, anxiety

Rescuer: Pascale

Shelter: Buddah's Pack


Medical Needs: 



My Story

Hello, my name is Tobby...

I want to let you know that my story does not start out a happy one, it has made it hard for me to trust and due to this I am still searching for that special person who know just how to give me the love time and commitment that I need to really start to be the dog that I am meant to be!

I went through hell and beyond before I was rescued...along with my 5 siblings, me and my mom lived on the streets in Lebanon. We went through many atrocities while living there... Cruel humans tried to poison us several times, and sadly most of my siblings didn't make it...I also lost my mom. But one of my brothers is a fighter just like me and we survived until our rescuer caught us, we were skin and bones severely malnourished, we caught Parvo, but we both survived that and started our journey to health and happiness!

My brother found his home a few years ago but I have been here for almost 6 years now and because I'm a shy guy who takes a while to trust, no one has brought me home to be theirs. 

My caretakers says that I am the sweetest guy once I get to know you a bit better!

Could you finally be the one to give me the patience and love on my time and terms that I need to trust and show my loving self?

My Ideal Family:

I would do best in a home with an adopter experienced with anxious & scared dogs, patient and ready to give the right amount of time for training. One who is active, living in a big house in a calm area, if there are kids in the family I would do best with older kids, that would be able to read my body language.

Fun Fact about Tobby by Lebanon team:
If Toby licks our faces, it's his way of showing us he is trusting us & we are okay to be close!

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