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Ringo - Recovered

Mixed Breed


 3-4 Years Old

  Medium shedding



My Characteristics


 Friendly, easy going, calm, smart, cuddly, independent  

Social Levels:

Good with people, kids, dogs. ok with cats

Activity Levels:

Medium energy, loves to play with  dogs

Training Levels: 


What he needs to work on:

leash walking

Medical Needs:

Patellar Luxation Surgery Done


Rescuer: Pascale

Shelter: Buddah's Pack


My Story

Hello, I'm Ringo and I have been part of Buddah's Pack for over three years now...

I was still a puppy when I was thrown out of the car like garbage at the shelter's doorstep. You can barely notice me... I am a very gentle and calm boy and don't understand why I was tossed away. I don't bother anyone and am always minding my own business.  
I still enjoy spending time with humans, even though I was let down by my initial family, and my caretaker keeps saying that there are really kind humans somewhere out there searching for a dog just like me! I really hope that they find me soon!t

I am the sweetest; I enjoy cuddles & belly rubs, get along with most of the dogs and been bullied at the shelter many times. I don't mind cats, I do well with respectful young kids. I love car rides and can be satisfied with just a calm life!

I finally got my luxation patella surgery , I spent 2 months with restricted activity , tied down because I had to redo my surgery twice, because the first time I didn't respect the Dr's orders. NOW, I am fully recovered

My ideal Family:

I would do well in an active family with respectful kids, a home with a yard and active schedule. I think I would do well in an apartment as well as a house as long as I got the exercise that I need to keep me happy and healthy.

Fun Fact about Ringo from Team Lebanon:
He is so calm that it took us 1 year to realize that Ringo is at the shelter

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