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Mixed Breed


 4 Years Old

  Medium shedding



My Characteristics


Leader, strong, smart, loves attention, dominant  

Social Levels:

Good with people, older kids, respectful dogs.

Activity Levels:

High energy level, likes to run & playing rough with the big boys

Training Levels: 


What she needs to work on:

leash walking, trust



Medical Needs: 


Rescuer: Pascale

Shelter: Buddah's Pack


My Story

Hello, I'm Massa, my name means 'Evening' in Arabic, because...

My rescuer and her sister were strolling around the neighborhood one night and heard cries coming from a street, so they rushed over to find me being surrounded by some kids who were hitting me, the kids ran away and I was picked me up. They realized my leg was broken and saw that my ears had previously been cut off. My rescuers took me home and I was then taken to a vet where I got the help I needed to heal and started my life at the Buddah's Pack Shelter.

Fast forward to 2 years later and I'm still living at the shelter and have require TPLO surgery and another to remove a plate from ma previous surgery, despite my injuries I'm still a free spirit who runs off walls when I get excited.

I am still waiting to find my place in this world but the humans who love and care for me say it will be my turn soon...I hope they're right.

Did you know that some humans think it fun to cut our ears off?

  .....They say that it makes us look tougher and stronger...

My Ideal Family:

Family with older kids or a single couple living in a house with fenced yard or spacious apartment. Active & like to go on adventures, hikes. 

Fun Fact about Massa by Vanessa & Karla:
She's the Queen of parkour she could easily walk on walls. She gives us air bite kisses, cluck cluck.

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