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  4-5 Years Old

 Medium shedding




Mixed Breed

My Characteristics


Calm temperament, cuddly, active, attention's seeker, sweet & fearful at times  

Social Levels:

Good with people, older kids, dogs & cats

Activity Levels:

She is lively, loves to play with other dogs, loves car rides

Training Levels: 


What she needs to work on:


Rescuer: Anne-Marie

Boarding: Furrtastic by Edwin


Medical Needs: 

All surgeries & Physio sessions completed


My Story

Hello, my name is Carrie!

When I was rescued I needed immediate surgery to my hind legs. The operations were done & I joined Buddha's Pack after months at the clinic.

After a while, my rescuer decided to take me to Dr. Roy for check-up, he examined me  and had recommended two urgent reconstructive surgeries: FHO & AMO
The first surgery was done successfully. But the previous vet who had inserted a screw in my limb did such a terrible job, that screw had caused me an invasive bacterium which led to a severe inflammation and made me FRANTICALLY bite on my wounds post-surgery. Despite the attempts to keep me from doing so I  was ripping off my stitches constantly. No muzzle nor collar could keep me away from going for my wounds!

I was an in-patient for weeks because of my impulsive incisions' biting, it got unmanageable at the boarding. I was on 3 strong antibiotics in order to fight those bacteria and luckily, the wounds healed nicely, 

the humans stuck had to use 7 e-collars to get by.

a year ago, I had my LAST reconstructive surgery and I am now clear for adoption! How exciting is that!?
I am currently staying at Furrtastic by Edwin and I completed all my physio sessions like a champ! 
I have been through so much pain, but I know there are kind humans out there and hopefully I'll find mine soon!
They ladies who care for me and visit compliment me all the time they sat that I am THE CUDDLIEST DOGGO THAT THEY HAVE EVER MET... SO GENTLE AND AN ATTENTION SEEKER!" 

My Ideal Family:

I would do  well in a home with other dogs, an adopter who works from home, with older kids and would love to have a lap dog. 

Fun Fact about Carrie from Karla:
No passing by Carrie without petting her or else you will never hear the end of it! She is quite vocal!


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