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Mixed Breed



1.5 Years Old

 Medium shedding




My Characteristics


Calm, sweet, cuddly, happy go lucky, loves car ride and being around his human

Social Levels:

Good with people, kids, dogs & cats

Activity Levels:

 Low-medium energy, loves the outdoor activities

Training Levels: 

potty trained & walks well on leash

What he needs to work on:


Rescuer: Edwin

Boarding: Furrtastic By Edwin


Medical Needs: 



My Story

Omari – means Flourishing and my caretakers promise me exactly that!!!!

I never chose to be left on the streets… I never asked to be dumped yet I was abandoned and tossed like rubbish all alone (1st two pics), scared, confused, and thinking my owner will come back for me!

My fate was blur and uncertain up until my rescuer received a call about a small sized dog tied close to the highway. She was not sure she can handle an additional case in these difficult times, but once she spotted me and saw my expressive eyes, she knew she just couldn’t leave me there, terrified oblivious of what had happened to me, and boy am I thankful she did!

 A cleaning man had told her that someone came by in the morning tied me up and said that he didn’t want me anymore...

I was picked up and brought to the boarding where I am staying with Edwin now. I hear them say all the time that I am one of the calmest, sweetest cutie furry baby you could ever meet. I am not vocal and haven't barked yet despite the constant commotion at the facility. I blended so well with the pack; it feels so much safer that the streets. 


My Ideal Family:

I would do well with a family with young kids or a single adopter. I can easily live in an apartment or in a house with yard.

Fun Fact about Omari from Vanessa:
He doesn't bark and would sit next you forever!


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