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Mixed Breed


  4-5 Years Old

 Medium shedding



My Characteristics


  Loving and gentle character, cuddly, intelligent, calm

Social Levels:

Good with people, dogs, cats & kids

Activity Levels:

Medium - High Energy Level

1+ hours a day exercise

Training Levels: 

Potty trained

What he needs to work on:

-Not to wander around

Rescuer: Mrs. Carina

Shelter: Buddah's Pack

Medical Needs:



My Story

Hello, I am Shallow and I'd like to let those who are reading know that being a stray is already a terrible experience for a pet, during the worst economic collapse Lebanon has ever witnessed. Animals  were being discarded like trash. 

At only 7 months old when all this happened, I was one of the 'lucky' few who was taken in by an animal lover after she found me wandering confused with my collar still on.  She tried her best to help me find my humans she reached out to every dog rescue group on social media many NGO's but it was of no use, no one claimed me.  So, she kept me with her for 3 months until she decided a paid boarding would be a better place for me. 

... I arrived at the shelter in 2020 and had a hard time adjusting to the shelter lifestyle .... it's almost been 3 years has felt like a lifetime, and I am more than ready to find the humans I'm meant to love for the rest of my life!!

My Ideal Family:

Family with older kids and other friendly pets living in a house or apartment. Would do well with an active adopter who is patient and ready to show me that there is a life outside the shelter fence.

I would do well in a family with a house and older kids, a patient adopter who is ready to give me the time I need to blossom. 

Fun Fact about Shallow from Mirvat:
Hobby: emptying the water bucket and trying to swim in it

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