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Mixed Breed



3-4 Years Old

  low Shedding

Still needs to be neutered?


My Characteristics


weary of strangers, dominant, cuddly reactive out of fear 

Social Levels:

Good with people he trusts, good with calm dogs, no cats

Activity Levels:

 likes to wander around the facility, loves his bones

Training Levels: 


What he needs to work on:

socializing, trusting people


Medical Needs: 

blind and might need surgery


Rescuer: Pascale

Shelter: Buddah's Pack


My Story

Meet Prince, our blind super sweet dog!
He was once a healthy stray that Tante Pascale used to feed. One day, he disappeared and came back weak, broken, and blind. We later found out that he had been shot! He is completely blind in one eye and his other eye can only distinguish shadows. Because of this, he became wary of people and overprotective of his pen and surroundings. But once he is calm and trusting, he is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. He will give you the warmest hugs and licks you all over! He loves his treats and bones and doesn't like sharing them. He is currently in a foster home with his rescuer. The shelter was no place for him, so we built him a small shed where he can freely roam in the yard at his foster's house.
Prince is a very special dog who has been through a lot in his life. He is strong, resilient, and loving. He is a reminder that even when things are tough, there is always hope for a better future.

Even though blind dogs cannot see with their eyes, they can still see with their hearts. they can feel the love and affection of its owner through their touch, their voice, and their smell. It can still enjoy life by playing, running, and exploring its surroundings using its other senses. Blind dogs can be just as happy and active as sighted dogs, and they can make wonderful companions.

My Ideal Family:

would be best suited for a family with respectful older kids in a house with a fenced yard. The family should be experienced with blind wary dogs. He would do well with a patient adopter and calm household. The dog is blind and may be wary of new people and situations, so it is important that his new family be patient and understanding. He would also benefit from having a safe and secure space to call his own, such as a fenced yard.

Fun Fact about Prince from Carla:
He is addicted to bones & treats


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