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Mixed Breed


 2-3 Years Old

  Low Shedding



My Characteristics


  friendly, confident, cuddly, easy going, loves car rides & being around people

Social Levels:

good with people, kids, dogs & cats

Activity Levels:

loves walks & the outdoor

Training Levels: 

basic commands

What she needs to work on:


Rescuer: Mirvat & Luna

Boarding: Furrtastic


Medical Needs: 



My Story

Hello everyone, my name is Tiana. 

I was rescued 10 days after my son Terry was by Luna + Mirvat.  When they rescued Terry I had gone on a Secret Mission and when I had returned Terry was gone, so I waited by the store I had been with him last hoping he would come back.  Instead of him, Luna + Mirvat showed up to rescue me too!

They suspected I was pregnant, and they were right, unfortunately due to issues my babies did not make it to term. So, I was spayed, vaccinated and I am staying at the same place my son is. 

Mirvat says that I must have been dumped because I am potty trained and even know the basic commands.

I am still just a puppy myself as I am only 1.5-year-old. 

This is the harsh reality for so many stray females like me in Lebanon. 

I wonder what place in this world I will get to call home...France? Sweden? The United States? 

Who knows, but I bet it will be magical to know what a safe place to lay my head, with a loving human who will never abandon me again, will be like.

My Ideal Family:

I would do best in any family setting really, even a more laid-back lifestyle as long as I get my exercise.  I get along well with everyone I have met so far, cats, dogs and kids of all ages and still adore to play and goof around. 

Fun Fact about Tiana from Luna:
Tiana is very classy, and it doesn't matter what you're doing when she's around she always wants you to hold her hand🥰


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