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Mixed Breed


2 year old

Medium Shedding



My Characteristics


Super friendly, very sweet, loves cuddles and car rides 

Social Levels:

Good with people, dogs, kids, cats

Activity Levels:

 a lively boy, loves walking and playing with other dogs

Training Levels: 


What he needs to work on:

Potty training


Rescuer: Mirvat & Luna

Shelter: Buddah's Pack


Medical Needs: 

Exercises to build muscle after his surgeries


My Story

Hi, I'm Terry!

I was rescued by Luna and mom Mirvat, they had fed me one night after some kind humans had moved me to a safer area because they saw me get hit by a car.  Luna noticed my limp was pretty bad and her mom agreed so they brought me to see a kind man named Dr. Roy, he checked me out, and took some x-rays that showed I had a bilateral hip (old) fracture, bilateral Hip Dysplasia, Old fracture of the right Coxo-femoral joint, right ischial fracture.

It was decided that for my best chances at walking properly without pain again that I needed 2 surgeries to fix my hind legs, a special diet and in between surgeries I needed hydrotherapy + electrostimulation.  Unfortunately, I was still in a lot of pain after my 1st surgery was performed so the hydrotherapy was stopped but I continued with my new diet and the electrostimulation and before we all knew it, I was ready to have my second surgery! NOW, I can finally walk pain free, I walk a bit funny but I will get back normal soon.

I am only 1 year old and have so much life ahead of me, I hope that my place in this world is found soon and that I don't have to spend my younger years in a boarding facility. 

My Ideal Family:

I would do best with a family with respectful kids living in a house or an apartment. It would be super cool if I got adopted by an outdoorsy human(s) willing to show me the world.

Fun Fact about Terry from Luna:
"Terry is so funny, he's still just a baby who only wants to eat and play all day long!
He knows how eat everything that is put in front of him."


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