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Adopted in Montreal

Papillion Mix


 3 Years & 6 months

  Medium shedding




My Characteristics


Skittish, fearful, shy, gentle, sweet, smart  

Social Levels:

Good with people after a while, selective with dogs. Good with her current foster cat

Activity Levels:

Medium activity, loves to play with other dogs

Training Levels: 

crate trained, walk on leash

What she needs to work on:

Socialising, confidence, desensitising, she walks by our side once she bonds

Medical Needs:


Rescuer: Pascale

Shelter: Buddah's Pack


My Story

Hello, I'm Chanel and I am one of 7 pups who were born at BP crowded shelter.

My Mom, while pregnant, was chased almost to death, shot at, ears cropped, and tail broken by an abusive someone. She has been living in Canada for awhile now and I really hope that not just me but all of my siblings will get our chances just like she did!

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of dogs at the facility when we were born, I never had proper socialization.  I am fearful, an ESCAPE ARTIST just like my siblings & nervous around strangers. It took me quite some time to feel safe around the kind ladies who visit us here. I am proud to say that recently,  I have gotten brave enough to approach them & shyly accepting cuddles, my brothers seem to like them so I figured they can't be all that bad. 

With the big boys at the shelter, I had to learn to had to fend for myself in order to survive. I am reserved but it's bound to change once well surrounded and I learn that I finally have a safe space to learn how to become the dog I'm meant to be!

It may be a good idea to get me a tracker if you accept me into your heart and home just to make sure I can stay as safe as can be because I am swift like a fox and have given my caretakers a few scares.


My Ideal Family:

I would do well in a family with older kids, in a house or apartment as long as I get my exercise. Definitely a family with medium to high activity. Ready to commit to train & socialize me with positive reinforcement! 

Fun Fact about Chanel from Karla:
Don't let that angelic attitude and shyness fool you, this feisty girl will make you run a whole marathon before you can catch her. 


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