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Canaan Mix


3 & a half Years Old

medium shedding



Fostered in Ontario

My Characteristics


Calm, cuddly, clever, hugger, foodie, chill, non-destructive if left alone

Mellow, loyal, Playful, polite, active, food motivated, enjoys a routine

Able to be groomed/handled/touched easily by his owner

Social Levels:

Good other respectful dogs, iffy around black dogs, good with people he knows, good with older kids, No cats


Activity Levels:

Medium energy, loves enrichement toys, chewing on bones, playing with other dogs, jogging, chilling


Training Levels: 

Basic obedience, crate trained, walks on leash, housetrained

What he needs to work on:

His confidence with humans, he can be defensive without agression (barking)

 *Experienced, Patient, and Committed adopters ONLY

Medical Needs: 


 My Story

Meet Kavi, the handsome Canaan mix who came all the way from Lebanon. In November 2021 he arrived at his foster in Guelph & then got adopted in 2022. Our boy hasn’t been thriving in his new home and is now looking to have someone to advocate for him & setting him up for success to properly navigate his new life. Because in his current home, he is lacking exercise and hasn’t had the opportunity to form trusting relationships with many people and dogs.

Kavi loves to be at his human’s side and loves to snuggle; he definitely thinks he’s a lap dog and it’s so cute. Kavi lives to please, especially when there are treats involved, and he’s still learning the ins-and-outs of being a pet dog where he doesn’t feel the need to lead or protect his guardians. Kavi would love his brain games and enrichment activities; he will happily munch on a kong until he falls asleep. Kavi loves his crate, and he signals at the door when he needs to potty.

He can be a bit selective with some dogs but loves to have a furry companion as it will empower him & gives him more confidence. He is fearful when meeting new people at first, but once he is calmer and is allowed to sniff them, he warms up pretty quickly. Canaan dogs love a routine, so if this is well maintained along with setting up boundaries & structure as part of his regimen it will help him blossom into his amazing self.

Kavi would be an amazing addition to the RIGHT home; he’s a total gem - with his handsome looks, adoring personality, and the brains to boot… his furever family will seriously be scoring the jackpot!

We will be shadowing the new adopters and showing them how to integrate Kavi into their routine. This boy is eager to settle down, to be guided & given a chance to shine!

My ideal family:

   Experienced and committed owners willing to put in the time to help him become the best boy he can be!

He will be happiest in a suburban or rural environment.

  Anyone who understands street dogs would really enjoy living with him as he is non-destructive, calm in the home, and very cuddly and playful.

An experienced home that understands he may need time to decompress before truly coming out of his shell and showing his perfect personality.

A dedicated family who won’t give up on him and is willing to work HARD for socializing him

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