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Canaan Mix


 2 & a half Years Old

Heavy shedding


25 kgs/55lbs

My Characteristics


Affectionate, Huge Snuggler, Intelligent, Playful, Loyal, Protective, Quick Learner, Food Motivated, Eager to please 

Social Levels:

Good with people she knows and trusts   needs to continue her socialising

Potential with male dogs but Proper

Introduction on a Neutral Territory is Strongly recommended

Can show dominance around female dogs. 

good with respectful cats with proper introduction

Good with kids older than 12 yo

  • HIGH prey drive

Activity Levels: 

 Mid to High Level of energy, 2+ hours of exercise a day, loves to play with toys, fetch, learn new tricks, rollerblading beside her human, and just running freely

Training Levels: 

Basic Obedience, Potty Trained, Currently working on leash etiquette 

What she needs to work on: 

Needs to keep on working work on her reactivity while on a leash

My Story

I am Iris

my name was inspired by the Goddess of Rainbow

I was flown to Canada and was adopted by a family in Ontario but unfortunately, this did not work out for me. Living circumstances changed. The new situation was no longer suitable for me and my needs. Without going into too much detail, life became difficult and in turn, made me become a defensive, hyper and indifferent dog.

Fortunately for me, I was put in a loving foster home where I have since been able to show my true beautiful colours. This is why my name was changed. Because it suits me.

My foster family (which includes a calm and gentle dog, a cat that has taught me that not all cats are unruly, and the humans; children and adults alike) Have all showed me how to behave properly around them and in the household. I discovered that not all humans get angry and so I do not show fear anymore. I have discovered that I can listen & obey a gentle voice. If I do something wrong, just one look from my foster mom and I know I have to apologise. (drop to the floor, roll, upside down, and wag my tail; swish, swish!), I listen well now and I know my new name now . I am still working on recall with a long leash and full distraction. But I am getting better and better each time.

I love to greet my neighbours and they often come to our yard and give me and my foster brother cookies. It pays to be sweet!

I am looking for an experienced owner ONLY who will understand my breed and continue the proper training and socialization that my foster family has started. I am a primitive breed, and my behaviour is very primal. I promise I will try to please you, make you laugh, because I am very goofy and funny, keep you warm with cuddles, watch over the house, and yard, and greet you with insane hugs and kisses when you come home from work. I love to be loved. And I love to love.

TRAINING progress:

- Resource guarding has been corrected

- fence guarding and fighting has been corrected

- She is crate, trained and potty trained

- Leash etiquette has been established

- 4 paws on the floor when greeting people has been established

- Overexcitement before and during walks has been corrected. She has learned restraint very well

- Possessive nature against resident dog and cat has been corrected.

- Does not jump up on furniture unless invited

- Recall training has been established, but still needs work when there are full distractions and she’s on a long leash.

*** she has been taught all of the above, without food rewards***

She has been trained to think that she executes tasks because SHE makes the decisions to do so.


My Ideal family would be:

She needs an active family with excellent leadership skills and that has a calm and assertive demeanour

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