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Mixed Breed


  3-4 Years Old

 Medium Shedding



My Characteristics


Confident, calm, easy going, playful, loves to greet people  

Social Levels:

good with people, dogs, older kids & cats

Activity Levels:

loves to walk, high energy

Training Levels: 


What she needs to work on:


Rescuer: Edwin

Boarding: Furrtastic by Edwin


Medical Needs: 



My Story

When I first saw my rescuer, I was roaming the streets alone, on the highway away from humans. t Several times they tried to get close & feed me, but I used to run away. I used to be terrified of people, but I never barked or showed any sign of aggression. For this whole time, people thought I was mute!
After a year or so, I started warming up to few selective people in the neighborhood, Edwin was lucky to be one of them. She was the only one to give nice treats which were my favorite specially the chicken sticks and jerkies.
Last autumn, I was sleeping under a building, but some ugly so-called humans were annoyed by my presence and did kick me away multiple times, (of course Edwin used to fight with them) I heard her say that she feared that someone would poison or hurt me which was a normal practice in our country. During the same period, I was hit by a car twice, at that moment Edwin decided that it was time to do whatever it takes to take me off of the streets; a 4-month mission to catch me and one time after another they failed, I wasn’t comfortable going with them yet. Until the day when I was terrified by the thunderstorm and decided to hide in a building. That same day Edwin and a nice Lady came to my rescue. I was finally under her care and was placed at her boarding Facility.
I am now safe, happy and a better dog because of my rescuer. They say I am super affectionate; people no longer scare me. I have learned to walk on a leash and when we got to a closed park I do play joyfully off leash. I also answer to basic commands and sit at the entrance of the shop observing passer-by’s tranquilly.
I only wish that I can find a forever loving, understanding family to have me as their pet and family member. I feel I have suffered enough all alone in the dark lonely streets. Like all my cousins and friends, I deserve a fresh beginning.

My ideal family:

I would do best in a family with or without kids or single adopters with active life. Can have cats and other pets living in a house or apartment.

Fun Fact about Luna from Vanessa:
She would demonstrate the pirouette & En pointe so gracefully, at the sight of treats.

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