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About CWS


Our unconditional love for animals was at the source of our motivation and the reason why we founded The Critter whisperers Society team Lebanon. Our short-term goal was mainly to offer strays a safe transitional place where they would receive the care they deserve, while working on securing forever homes abroad. We are currently helping one local shelter (Buddha's Pack - BP) in terms of creating/handling their social media accounts, fundraising and finding forever homes for the dogs abroad (mainly in Canada & Europe). 


In the long-run, and in the hopes of seeking more sustainable solutions to the apparent problem (that is, the large and ever-increasing population of dumped and stray dogs and cats, as well as the increasing abuse cases witnessed vis-a-vis those sentient beings), in addition to the rescuing part we plan to work on:

(1) Nationwide awareness

(2) Policy making & improving the recently launched animal welfare laws

(3) Medical campaigns (Vetting, TNR, Microchipping, tagging)

(4) Holistic approach to handling & training dogs

(5) Regulating shelters & boarding facility to ensure healthy environment and ethical practices

(6) Launching some dog parks and founding Animal welfare Police

(7) Helping shelters and rescuers find suitable homes abroad for their residents

(8) At a later stage, we aim to spread our efforts to target other animal species and other neighboring countries.


Our Vision

We envision a society with a more holistic approach to understanding & treating animals while creating innovative yet ethical practices for all animals & people in the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to save, protect, rehabilitate, educate, and enforce rules & laws to maintain the lives & welfare of all animals in our society through awareness & education campaigns.

Our Values

Commitment, Compassion, Teamwork, Honesty, Innovation, Respect, Creativity, responsibility, Excellence

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