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Amidst the backdrop of Lebanon's ongoing economic, political, and security challenges over the past four years, our resilience has been tested in ways we never imagined. Despite our efforts to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances, the situation continues to deteriorate. Recognizing the urgent need for support, sponsorships, and partnerships, we are determined to transform our grassroots volunteer initiative into a formal non-profit organization.

As dedicated dog rescuers, our journey began individually several years ago, each operating within our respective regions and extending our efforts across the country whenever possible.

Driven by our unwavering passion for animals, we established The Critter Whisperers Society team Lebanon with a profound commitment to improving the lives of strays and neglected animals. Our initial objective was to provide a haven for these animals, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve while actively seeking permanent homes for them abroad. Presently, we are dedicated to supporting local shelters like Buddha's Pack (BP) by managing their social media presence, organizing fundraising efforts, and facilitating international adoptions, primarily in Canada and Europe.

(1) Nationwide awareness & education

(2) Medical Initiatives (Vetting & TNR)

(3) Holistic approach for Behaviour Training and Education

(4) Regulating shelters & boarding facility to ensure healthy environment and ethical practices

(5) Infrastructure Development, Launching some dog parks and founding Animal welfare Police

(6) Helping shelters and rescuers find suitable homes abroad for their residents

(7) At a later stage, we aim to spread our efforts to target other animal species and other neighbouring countries.

Our Vision

We envision a society with a more holistic approach to understanding & treating animals while implementing ethical practices to live with all animals & people in the community

Our Mission

Our mission is to save, protect, rehabilitate, educate and maintain the lives & welfare of all animals in our society through awareness & education campaigns.

Our Values

Commitment, Compassion, Teamwork, Honesty, Innovation, Respect, Creativity, responsibility, Excellence.

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